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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I become involved in the Ocala Film Commission?
A: The Ocala Film Commission routinely emails members of the production community in all of North Central Florida. To be added to this list, simply email Heyjude@OcalaFilm.com and ask to be included. You will receive the latest information available about projects being shot in the area and occasionally as a courtesy we send out casting information for projects needing talent.
Q: How can I become an actor or an actress?
A: If you are interested in becoming “talent”, you need to learn everything about the entertainment business. You will need a headshot or photograph of yourself with contact information on the back; if you are serious about a career, you will need to find an agent or representation who can send you on legitimate auditions and/or casting calls.
Q: What other organizations are industry related?
A: FILM FLORIDA is an organization which includes industry, talent, film commissioners and associations/unions among its membership. They meet quarterly around the State of Florida in different areas to showcase the entire State. The purpose of the organization is to offer business and individuals the benefits of a statewide trade association, to promote the creation of jobs in the film and entertainment production industries and to promote economic development and tourism. Membership is open to industry professionals. Call Carolyn Simpson at 863-533-8202 or 863-533-8202 or email info@filmflorida.org.

FMPTA or Florida Motion Picture and Television Association ? this is a Statewide organization of industry professionals who meet monthly for the sole purpose of networking and organization. Call Scott DuPont, State President of FMPTA at Tel: (407) 629 ? 7268 or email ScottduP@juno.com. The website for FMPTA is www.fmpta.org. The North Central Florida Chapter of FMPTA Chapter President is Garvin Smith who can be reached at 321-303-9490 or Garvin@starrshots.com.
Q: How can I add my home or property as a location on the Ocala Film Commission website?
A: Either email Heyjude@ocalafilm.com or call (352) 671-1717 the Ocala Film Office and request to be added to the location library.
Q: Where does John Travolta live?
A: The Ocala Film Commission does not reply to personal questions. However, we can provide you with the appropriate contact information for either the agent or attorneys for Mr. Travolta. Please make your request in writing to Heyjude@ocalafilm.com.
Q: Where does Kelly Preston live?
A: The Ocala Film Commission does not reply to personal questions. However, we can provide you with the appropriate contact information for either the agent or attorneys for Ms. Preston. Please make your request in writing to Heyjude@ocalafilm.com.
Q: Where was Doc Hollywood filmed?
A: A. The majority of the film was shot in Micanopy, Florida with additional scenes in McIntosh, Florida. The gazebo and some downtown shots with the big were shot in Ocala, Florida. Most of the cast and crew stayed at The Residence Inn in Gainesville while some members of the cast stayed at two bed and breakfasts in Micanopy.
Q: Where was Jeepers Creepers filmed?
A: The opening sequence of Jeepers Creepers was filmed on an open road in Dunnellon, Florida known as Tiger Trail. This was the same road used for the night sequence when we first get a look at The Creeper as he kills the two police officers. The Church where The Creeper dumps the body down the pipe was filmed on one of Ocala's most beautiful horse farms, but the Church was burned down by arsonists a year after the movie was shot. It had been scheduled for refurbishing. The final scene of the film was shot at an abandoned meet packing plant - White's Meat Packing Plant - and only a "skeleton crew" would go into the spooky place. Little set dressing was necessary. The cat lady's house (played by Eileen Brennen) was in an actual residence in Lake County, Florida. The wall of bodies was built in a warehouse which doubled as a soundstage for the production. The police station was Reddick High School and the gym at the same school.
Q: Where was The Celestine Prophecy filmed?
A: The Celestine Prophecy was filmed primarily in St. Augustine, Florida and Ocala, Florida. Additional scenes were shot in Costa Rica. The Ocala scenes were filmed in an abandoned rock quarry. Sets were constructed including the jail and the Church. Additional scenes were filmed at the Ocala Hilton Hotel.
Q: What was James Redfield like?
A: James and Sallie Redfield were professional, personable and extremely focused on the vision of making the movie provide precisely the same message as the book. Each location was extremely important and had to feel precisely right before it was added to the film. Both James and Sallie were on set every day and quietly and methodically watched their life?s work become a reality.

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